Die Klinik

Medical and technical personnel

Overall our medical and technical personnel totals 43 people.



  • Boris Tartakowski M.D.
  • Olga Tartakowski M.D. Ph.D.
  • Mr. Antar M.D. as deputy


The in-patient department and night duty (stay):

  • Five practicing specialist doctors admitted to practice on rotation basis


Other personnel:

  • Ten qualified nurses, including three with a hospital nurse’s further qualification for operations;
  • two nurse assistants;
  • four radiologist technicians (two of them with MRTA qualifications, all with an experience of work for over 5 years);
  • four doctor assistants;
  • two employees in the documentation and email service
  • two employees concerned with the clinic’s administrative and organizational issues;
  • three employees in the kitchen and the cafe;
  • four employees engaged with cleaning.


Clinic management / leadership of the society

Gisela Klein M.D.