Soziale Problematik

Diseases of intervertebral disks – a social issue?

In conversations with our patients and even colleagues we often come across a belief that diseases of intervertebral disks completely change the patient’s life. This is to introduce the subject of retraining and restriction of physical activity to the minimum.

We do not share this belief. Such consequences should not be tolerated when diseases of intervertebral disks and the back are treated appropriately. If an employment counselor, your doctor or another party advise you to retrain, we would like to ask you, in your own best interests, to have further consultations with doctors and weigh up this step once again if necessary. Retraining has grave consequences.

Nor will it relieve you of pains and trouble arising from diseases of intervertebral disks. As we always learn from interviews with patients retraining is fraught with an additional professional risk. Mastering a new qualification poses a special challenge which, coupled with complaints of diseases of intervertebral disks, only aggravates the situation. Rather often patients understand from their own experience that diseases of intervertebral disks will manifest themselves in the new area of activity more noticeably than they expected. Health issues will be also supplemented by professional difficulties which quite often affect the whole lifestyle of the patient, especially that of his or her family.

Therefore we highly recommend taking into consideration all these points before choosing which way of treatment to follow!